SEDONA SPIRITS by Deanna Thibault
"Sedona Spirits" was created using hand painted paste papers


Beach Walkers by Deanna Thibault
"Beach Walkers" was created using CITRASOLV collage papers

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Classes and Workshops by Deanna Thibault

Deanna is offering a new class titled "Line, Design, and Collage", at the Shanley House Gallery in Granbury, TX. This 3-day workshop will be Nov 3-5, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Call 520.907.6108 or email Deanna at for further information.

For other classes or workshops          
Call 520.907.6108 or email Deanna at
to find out what else she is offering in Granbury, TX and elsewhere.

If you have a class or workshop you would like Deanna to teach for your group, e-mail her or call the above number. Workshops of 3-5 days outside the Granbury, TX area are $500 per day plus paid travel, lodging, and meals. One day or half-day workshops and/or demonstrations are also available. Call or e-mail for more information.

Sampling of the Topics in My Classes or Workshops

Line, design, and collage

New and unique mental processes to help get a painting started

Understanding the power of drawing to get your ideas onto the paper or to help you reformat your subject

Adding some new materials to your work

Creating unique, hand painted, paste papers to add design, texture or color to your painting

Using CITRASOLV and National Geographic Magazine pages as another way to create unique collage papers

Using line as both a beginning and ending technique in your work

Developing your personal style

Helping you find time for art in your life!



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